Monday, May 11, 2015

The Virgen de Guadalupe has been part of my upbringing.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not very religious, but I do have a lot of faith.  The Virgen shows up in my work quite a bit, she's so ingrained into my subconscious that she appears unwittingly. 
I also participate in the Dia de los Muertos Festival in Mesilla, NM every year, along with my girlfriends. 
My mom on the right, along with two of my aunts. 
These are the women that I relate to.  When we read "Where the Girls Are" I recognized the many shows that Douglas wrote about, but I did not relate to them.  They were completely different to me.  Having said that, I'm sure some of their messages were not lost on me, but I took my visual cues from Mexican imagery and Mexican traditions.  I come from a huge mixture of cultures:  Spanish, Indigenous, Aztec and probably, but not confirmed, African American. 
Doing a feminist class made me reflect on my own role as a woman in society and within my family. 

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