Monday, March 2, 2015


I figured I'd begin this blog with an introduction. 

 My shovel for the recent ground breaking ceremony.  This piece is now property of the city of El Paso.

I enjoy making batiks, I get great colors and textures.

One of my favorite Mexican restaurants here in town.  Whenever I go out of town, I make it a point not to eat Tex-Mex food.  I get extremely ill eating that food.  Tex-Mex restaurants make their food with so much spices trying to replicate the authentic food.  Mexican food uses fresh vegetables and chilies.  If you're ever in town, this is where I'll take you for some very good food.

 The city covered in fog.

Our mountains split the city in half.  When you ask an El Pasoan what part do you live in, we answer with, "On the east side", or "Lower Valley", so on and so on.  El Paso is very hilly and we have the craziest weather.  We can have sun, wind, rain, snow and fog all in one day.
We have the best sunsets and I love it when it rains when the sun is out.  The rain glistens like diamonds.

Juarez, MX. is right there!  One of the questions I always get when I travel and I say I live in El Paso is how close is MX.  I always answer, "Really, really close".
No, the violence did not trickle over, we are the safest city in the country.  My dad was born on the other side of that fence and I spent much of my youth right over there.  The night life was crazy when I was growing up.  The drinking age was 16.  We all went to Juarez on the weekends!

More of my work.
We make tamales every Christmas, which we share with everyone we know.
My family, traditions and this area are what make me who I am.